Dream People are a Portuguese band from Lisbon.

Since 2019 they have been establishing themselves as one of the most promising groups in current portuguese music. In July they sold out one of the biggest venues in Lisbon, Teatro Maria Matos, and released ‘Dream People Live on Mars’, the first concert ever on the Red Planet.The passage of Time is the theme that unites all their songs. Between epics of sorrow and pain and reflections on the frustrations of a life yet to be lived, we realise that this is where Dream People find their starting point.

They come into the spotlight in 2019 with the single ‘Forever, Too Long’, which is soon followed by their first EP, ‘Soft Violence’, where they present a balance between variations of dream pop and melancholic shoegaze. The EP is considered one of the best Portuguese records of 2020 by the prestigious Spanish blog Mindies and takes Dream People to very iconic portuguese festivals like Vodafone Paredes de Coura Festival and Super Bock em Stock. 

In March 2021, after a renewal of the band’s formation, they release their most recent and intimate work to date, ‘Almost Young’, an album that has conquered the public and the critics alike, being dubbed as “the most beautiful moment of Portuguese music in 2021” (Espalha-Factos). The album was premiered on RTP1 (national television) and MTV, and was included in the most important national radios’ playlists. 

Between April and July, Dream People presented their album all over Portugal, passing for example through Coimbra, where they sold out Salão Brazil, Torres Vedras, Portalegre and Casa de Pedra, in Lisbon, for the premiere of the ‘Bizarro’ sessions, specially curated by the presenter and actress Carolina Torres, in partnership with Rock in Rio. During this period Dream People were also selected to present their album in two of the biggest showcases of the music industry, ILMC (UK) and Canadian Music Week (CAN), where they represented the Portuguese delegation, alongside artists such as Lina_Raül Refree, Surma and Whales. The tour culminated in a sold-out concert at Lisbon’s historic Teatro Maria Matos in early July.

With eyes turned to their next step, Dream People decided to surprise everybody, becoming the first Portuguese band to perform on another planet. ‘Live on Mars’, now available, is the definitive proof that we are facing one of the most promising Portuguese bands of recent times.
The future is abundant.